At CGA, our greatest asset is our people. Contact any of our key employees to begin your project today.

Matt D. Garber Matt D. Garber, P.E., P.L.S.
President & C.E.O.
Board of Directors
641-752-6701 ext. 22
Michael C. Bearden Michael C. Bearden, P.E.
Executive Vice President
Board of Directors
641-752-6701 ext. 21
Mindy M. Bryngelson Mindy M. Bryngelson, P.E.
Vice President

Board of Directors
515-232-1784 ext. 62
Roger D. Luehring Roger D. Luehring
641-752-6701 ext. 36
Travis R. Stewart Travis R. Stewart, P.L.S.
Project Manager
Survey Department Manager
641-752-6701 ext. 23
Adam C. Daters Adam C. Daters, P.E.
Sr. Project Manager
641-752-6701 ext. 18
Joseph P. Roenfeldt Joseph P. Roenfeldt, P.E.
Project Manager
641-752-6701 ext. 44
Jeremy A. Harris Jeremy A. Harris, P.L.S.
Survey Project Manager
641-752-6701 ext. 26
Kay A. Thede Kay A. Thede
Aviation Program Specialist
515-232-1784 ext. 69
Jeffrey W. Sogge Jeffrey W. Sogge, Broker
Right of Way Director
641-752-6701 ext. 13
Stephen Troskey Stephen Troskey
Project Manager, Planner
641-752-6701 ext. 51
Jerry L. Shoff Jerry L. Shoff, P.E., P.L.S.
Client Services Manager
319-266-0258 ext. 102
William N. Wright William (Bill) N. Wright, P.E.
Project Engineer
319-266-0258 ext. 101
Heather A. Thomas Heather A. Thomas, P.E.
Project Manager
641-752-6701 ext. 48
Justin Strom Justin F. Strom, P.E.
Project Engineer
641-752-6701 ext. 50
Daryl D. Albertson Daryl D. Albertson, P.E.
Sr. Project Manager
319-266-0258 ext. 111
Lee O. Gallentine Lee O. Gallentine, P.E., P.L.S.
Sr. Project Manager
Donald S. Moore Donald S. Moore, P.E.
Project Manager
Zeb J. Stanbrough

Zeb J. Stanbrough, P.L.S., E.I.
Professional Land Surveyor
Design Engineer


Scott A. Steinfadt

Scott A. Steinfadt, P.L.S.
Professional Land Surveyor

Joe Snethen Joseph (Joe) Snethen, P.L.S.
Professional Land Surveyor
Ben Groen Benjamin (Ben) J. Groen, P.E.
Project Engineer
641-752-6701 ext. 43
James Sweeney James V. Sweeney, P.E.
Professional Engineer