Madison Street Rebuild

The Madison Street Improvements project involved the removal and replacement of the 25' wide existing roadway with a 37' wide concrete street.  The project's scope of services included a topographic survey of the corridor, development of design concepts, opinion of costs, plans and specifications, and construction administration and observation.

The existing roadway was replaced mainly to increase the capacity of the corridor by providing a center turn lane.  This project was the last phase in creating a three-lane east-west corridor through Marshalltown.  Other issues addresssed during this project were drainage issues, alignment concerns, water main extension, and service upgrades.  The roadway corridor is situated just north of Linn Creek, and serves as the main cutoff for stormwater runoff from connecting north-south streets before it enters the creek.  As such, during heavy rain events, the existing roadway became inundated in certain locations, making parts of the corridor impassable.  The design addressed this issue to the fullest extent possible by adding additional storm sewer intakes, and increasing the capacity of the storm sewer system.

In addition to the complete removal and replacement of the roadway, a watermain extension was completed to connect various water main runs, increase service area, and improve watermain pressure.

Sidewalk ramps were brought into compliance, as well as various portions of walk that had fallen into disrepair or did not meet current design standards.

Madison Street Rebuild

Madison Street Rebuild




Project Summary

  • Length = 0.76 miles
  • Total Cost = $2.3 million
  • Completed: 2012