Marshalltown 2012 Northeast Sanitary Sewer Manhole Project

The City of Marshalltown retained Clapsaddle-Garber Associates for utility reconstruction in Northeast Marshalltown.  There were 32 identified Sanitary Sewer Cleanouts and tee's to be replaced with a Standard Manhole to accomodate the installation of Cured-in-Place sewer liners.  In order to do so, the pipe segments need manholes on both ends of the pipe.  The cleanouts (a pipe that elbows up to the surface) at the upstream end of the system, or a tee in line did not provide access to the pipe intersection.  The project included removal of existing pavement, installation of sanitary manhole and repair to existing sanitary services, utility coordination, and reconstruction of existing pavement with curb and gutter.

CGA's responsibilities included topographic survey, preparation of plans, specifications, and permits, estimation of probable costs for each manhole, testing, and construction administration services.

Marshalltown 2012 Northeast Sanitary Sewer Manhole Project

Marshalltown Northeast Sanitary Sewer Manhole Project




Project Summary

  • Length = 32 Sanitary Manholes
  • Total Cost = $420,000
  • Completed: 2012