GIS is MORE Than Mapping!

Our GIS team specializes in working with rural communities that have limited resources for storing, organizing, and maintaining their municipal information. Whether the project is starting from scratch with scanning documents or converting digital tables of information into usable data layers, we’d love to connect with your decision-makers about how GIS can streamline the processes in your town.

Digitizing | Scanning Services

Our team can assist with your current GIS and organizational goals. You might have decades’ worth of useful, valuable information collecting dust in a storage room, closet, or filing cabinet. A great place to get started with GIS is to digitize that information, and we can help by scanning or converting it for you!

Some of the records we digitize to turn into useful, informative maps for later use include:

  • Property Records
  • Utility Locations
  • Manhole Inspection Reports
  • Fire Hydrant Testing Records
  • Curb Stop Diagrams

After we scan these important documents for you, you aren’t locked into a huge GIS contract or obligated to continue with our mapping services. While we think you will realize the benefits of implementing a GIS, we’d be happy to start with this simple step to get your old files in a usable, electronic filing system. 

Micah Cutler, GISP

We would love a chance to discuss your community’s goals for implementing a GIS, whether that begins with scanning or if you’re ready to discuss more sophisticated GIS services. If you would like Micah Cutler, our GISP, to follow up with you about digitizing opportunities and get to know your community’s goals, contact us today by filling out the below form or emailing

“A GISP is a certified geographic information systems (GIS) professional who has met the minimum standards for ethical conduct and professional practice as established by the GIS Certification Institute (GISCI).”

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Not ready to commit to a scanning consultation? No problem, there are other ways you can prepare for a future GIS system with no cost to you.