CGA has been involved in aviation engineering for over 50 years and has served as airport consultants to over 40 of Iowa’s general aviation facilities. Our proven expertise in the planning, design, and construction of all types of airport facilities has awarded us repeat aviation contracts, which has resulted in aviation being a major component of our business. Our team can meet the planning, design, strategic planning, and on-call services needs of your airport!

Our aviation engineering team specializes in serving airports with

  • Grant application preparation for federal and state funding programs
  • Development of airport master plans and airport layout plans
  • Determination of capital improvement priorities
  • Environmental and financial feasibility studies
  • Land acquisition
  • Paving improvements
  • Lighting and navigational aids
  • Hangar and terminal facilities


We know that meeting schedules and staying within a budget is a priority.

This starts with a strong team developing your airport’s priorities and coordinating those desires with the FAA. CGA will lead the effort to help contain costs during construction with a proactive approach to solving unforeseen site conditions.

  • CIP Review and Refinement
  • Successful Iowa DOT and FAA Funding Applications
  • Proactive Bidding Documents
  • Qualified On-Site Representatives
  • Expedited Grant Closeouts

Our Team Approach to
Project Development.

Our philosophy is that value is provided through the interaction of our consultant team with you. Our job is to listen to you and to develop an understanding of your needs. Utilizing our technical knowledge, we will work with you to develop a plan that addresses those needs. When a question in the field, an inquiry from the FAA or a potential obstruction evaluation comes up, a realistic and economical response will be provided promptly. This partnering process has been proven to be both successful and rewarding to our clients.

Since our aviation team has been involved in Iowa airports for over 50 years, we have a lot of experience in all things airport-related. Our airport team has experience from the smallest airports to large commercial hubs. When you work with our aviation team, your assigned Project Manager will not change. We will be committed to your success and will go the extra mile to execute your plans and ideas. Our dedicated aviation team is just the right size to ensure your airport gets the improvements it currently needs as well as planned for future developments.

Committed to quality.

Our Capabilities

Our team has a strong track record of accomplishing projects on time and under budget with life-cycle cost analysis during the preliminary design phase. Our achievements in meeting schedules and budgets is a high priority for our clients.

Brian Tompkins, an FAA Project Manager, recently complimented CGA for managing project budgets so that grant amendments were not needed. The understanding we have in monitoring schedules for projects, coupled with CGA’s history of under-running budgets, means we understand what it takes to effectively implement your project.

We will ensure that you meet all of the specific requirements for
planning & implementing federal & state-funded projects.

On average, over a twenty year period, our FAA projects have under-run the budget by 3.2%.

Related Services Provided by CGA

Construction Staking

We can take care of your construction staking needs. We offer staking services that can be included within our scope of services. We feel that providing construction staking within the project helps you save money and also verifies that the project is being built in compliance with design plans and specifications. This reduces your chances of costly change orders.

Construction Contract Administration

We ensure that your projects are completed successfully, on time and meet FAA or Iowa DOT requirements from the pre-construction conference through the final close out of the project.

Construction Observation

We take the Construction Observation Program (COP) seriously and provide on-site observation throughout the project to ensure that the contractor successfully completes the projects in compliance with contract documents. The on-site observer will verify compliance of the construction and serve as the Project Engineer’s liaison with the contractor.

Construction Testing

In accordance with FAA requirements, we will subcontract with an independent nationally accredited firm to perform quality assurance testing to ensure that your project is built to required specifications. On Iowa DOT-funded projects, we are able to provide these services in-house to meet your needs.

Obstruction Evaluations

As potential obstructions arise such as new buildings, wind towers and cell towers near the airport, we are able to provide you assistance to determine the impacts to your approaches and compare the obstructions to your part 77 planning surfaces.

Strong Relationship with FAA &
Iowa Aviation Officials

We work hard at maintaining good relationships with FAA officials through active participation in aviation-related conferences, telephone communications and occasionally personal visits to their offices. We have well-established and personal working relationships with FAA and state officials.