Construction Administration
& Observation

CGA supports the continuity, quality, and intent of the design as the Construction Administrator. Construction Administration can greatly aid in keeping lines of communication and expectations of Contractors and Clients open, clear and “on the same page”.

CGA can assist with contract documents, lessen project risks, identify and resolve construction problems early, and supplement the client’s construction knowledge. We can provide Construction Administration on projects that are designed by us, or contracted to perform this service without being involved in the design. CGA staff is certified through IDOT in-field testing, inspection, and contract administration.

Construction Administration Services 

  • Conducting a pre-construction conference
  • Establishing lines of communication
  • Record keeping
  • Responding to the contractor’s request for information
  • Reviewing shop drawings
  • Tracking changes in construction documents
  • Reviewing/preparing contractor’s pay requests
  • Attending construction progress meetings
  • Tracking working days and project schedule
  • Making periodic site visits to aid in communication between Contractor, Client, and any construction observation and testing personnel and review construction
  • Supervise completion and project closeout including audits, final payment, and grant/loan reimbursement.


For each project, a log of standard construction documents is compiled by the resident construction representative.  The log contains Daily Diaries, Bid Items Quantity logs, Weekly Working Day reports, and Weekly Quantity reports.  The Daily Diaries and Weekly reports are submitted to the Project Manager each week.  The same information will be transmitted to the owner as requested.  The log also contains any other forms or reports that are required.  Examples would be local City forms for sanitary sewer laterals, pipe testing, manhole testing, and mandrel forms.

CGA has implemented the use of iPads in the field to facilitate the recording of data and speed its transmission.  Reports and photos can be transmitted instantaneously between the construction representative, the project manager, and the client.  This paperless documentation saves time and allows all parties to remain fully informed when required.

Related Services Provided by CGA

Construction Staking

We can take care of your construction staking needs. We offer staking services that can be included within our scope of services. We feel that providing construction staking within the project helps you save money and also verifies that the project is being built in compliance with design plans and specifications. This reduces your chances of costly change orders.

Construction Contract Administration

We ensure that your projects are completed successfully, on time and meet FAA or Iowa DOT requirements from the pre-construction conference through the final close out of the project.

Construction Observation

We take the Construction Observation Program (COP) seriously and provide on-site observation throughout the project to ensure that the contractor successfully completes the projects in compliance with contract documents. The on-site observer will verify compliance of the construction and serve as the Project Engineer’s liaison with the contractor.

Construction Testing

In accordance with FAA requirements, we will subcontract with an independent nationally accredited firm to perform quality assurance testing to ensure that your project is built to required specifications. On Iowa DOT-funded projects, we are able to provide these services in-house to meet your needs.

Obstruction Evaluations

As potential obstructions arise such as new buildings, wind towers, and cell towers near airports, we are able to provide assistance to determine the impacts to your approaches and compare the obstructions to part 77 planning surfaces. CGA also has city planning experience and can review your ordinances and determine if any amendments are needed to protect your air space.