GIS Services

Maps and data are part of today’s essential infrastructure. GIS services include the development of new geospatial data, as well as updating and integrating existing geospatial information, by utilizing resources such as aerial photography, engineering plans, and data collected through GPS. By investing in a GIS for your organization, elected officials, managers, staff, and the public can easily access information to make better-informed decisions and manage a wide variety of assets.

Get Started Today

There are steps you can take to ensure your GIS will be a success, even if you can’t hire a professional today. View these simple ways you can get started in order to prepare for GIS later.

What could you use GIS technology for?

CGA envisions municipalities and other businesses in Iowa could potentially use the technology for:

  • Map Underground Utilities
  • Building Permits
  • CAD Interoperability
  • Construction Environmental Management Plan
  • Land Development Analysis
  • Storm Water Runoff
  • Document Management