Municipalities &

At CGA, we see the big picture when it comes to planning for the future of your community. Our staff can help you develop an improvement plan to replace outdated infrastructure, finance the replacement, and create a new design. This process allows for the growth of communities through new developments and redevelopments of existing areas.

Helping Your Community Grow & Prosper

Let CGA take care of the details so your community can grow and prosper. Our team can help prepare your community for new development by analyzing zoning ordinances and reviewing development proposals, and once you’re ready to start, CGA can oversee the construction administration. Our construction observers make frequent site visits to make sure every part of your plan runs smoothly.

Diligence, Flexibility
& Funding Assistance


We work hard to create accurate opinions of cost because we know being prepared is essential and will help you complete your project on schedule without financial surprises. We research the ordinances and codes in your city so we can come to city council meetings prepared and ready to provide all the necessary information to keep things moving.


With our broad knowledge base, we’ll fit in where you need us. We know some communities need help with many aspects of complex projects, and other communities need help with individual pieces of projects. Whether it’s a big or small job, we’re ready to help and answer questions.

Funding assistance

CGA can help identify potential funding sources for your project. We’re familiar with many types of funding opportunities, and we continually search for new funding opportunities to match them with our clients’ visions and needs.

Municipalities & Government services offered:

  • Infrastructure (pavement, water main, storm sewer, and sanitary sewer) inventory, mapping, and evaluation
  • Continuing improvement planning
  • Utility rate studies
  • Annual utility budget reviews
  • Zoning and address mapping
  • NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) monitoring
  • Stormwater pollution prevention planning
  • Zoning analysis or updates
  • Subdivision and code ordinance writing
  • Commission and board guidance
  • Conducting of bid lettings
  • Review of development plans and plats
  • Construction administration
  • ADA compliance reviews

GIS Services

CGA provides assistance to government agencies and utility companies by providing Geographic Information System (GIS) support. We are also experienced in GIS data collection for stormwater, water distribution, utility distribution and sanitary sewer inventory projects.