CGA can help you to achieve your goals, or work around existing challenges with your structural projects.  We not only design new construction projects, but also retrofitting of your existing structure, and determining or designing for code compliance with your city or the state.  Had a structural failure?  We can help you to come up with a solution for repair!”

CGA has assisted municipal, industrial, and private clients with structural design to provide for the construction of new and modified wooden, aluminum, concrete and steel structures! In addition, we have provided private clients with building code compliance.

CGA offers the following Structural Engineering Services

Wood Structures

Our structural team has experience in designing wood structures both big and small!  Project examples include improvements to houses, pedestrian bridges, stick built, and post frame buildings.

Aluminum & Steel Structures

2D analysis of frames for decorative signs; beams and columns in composite structures; catwalks and industrial-setting structures.

Concrete Design

Design of concrete beams, shallow supports, slab-on-grade, retaining walls, weigh stations and pedestrian bridge abutments.

James Sweeney, P.E.

Licensed Professional Engineer

James Sweeney, P.E., is an ISU Agricultural and Biological Engineering graduate with an emphasis in structural and biological design.