Meskwaki Pedestrian Trail

CGA has assisted Meskwaki Nation with numerous projects for several years. Most recently our team provided engineering services for the construction of 3,000 feet of new trail, including a tunnel beneath an existing highway underpass. Services included construction staking, testing, surveying, and site design, and is currently assisting with the development of a lighting plan.

Meskwaki Parking Lot Expansions | Renard’s Factory

CGA has performed numerous improvements at Meskwaki, including the recent Renards Factory Pavement Package consisting of subbase preparation; 8,739 square yards concrete pavement; finish grading and miscellaneous work associated with the installation of a parking lot. Also recently completed was the Meskwaki Parking Lot Expansion including: grading; storm sewer utility; sanitary sewer utility; 5,605 square…