CGA installed an effluent pumping station that pumped the effluent to the UV Disinfection System that was raised above the 100-year flood plain. The plant will operate in that fashion March – November. During December through February, the pump station will be taken out of service and effluent will gravity flow to Wolf Creek because disinfection is not required.

CGA served as the Lead Design Engineer and is the current Project Manager for the City of Gladbrook’s wastewater treatment facility (WWTF).

CGA assisted Gladbrook through applying for, obtaining and meeting specific funding requirements for loan and grant funds. Construction also included providing upgraded electrical (from single-phase to three-phase) service to the facility and emergency power to the facility, in addition to a lift station in town. CGA engineers prepared the facility plan recommending the use of UV light for disinfection. During the design phase of the project, three types of UV disinfection systems were evaluated (vertical contact, horizontal contact, and horizontal non-contact). The City elected to pursue a horizontal non-contact UV disinfection system.