Witness CGA’s transformative impact on Drainage District #18 in Hardin County, Iowa. The CGA team executed a comprehensive topographical survey and staking, setting a solid foundation for innovative ag drainage solutions.

Spanning over 13,000 feet, this project involved sediment removal, outlet, and surface drain repairs, and the strategic removal of beaver dams. These efforts were pivotal in enhancing the efficiency and environmental sustainability of the area’s water management system. With every outlet repair and sediment removal, we reinforced our commitment to engineering excellence.

  • Sediment Removal: Excavated and removed sediment up to five feet deep, ensuring unobstructed water flow and improved drainage efficiency.
  • Outlet Repairs: Successfully repaired 34 outlets, reinforcing the system’s capacity to manage water discharge effectively.
  • Surface Drain Enhancements: Revitalized 26 surface drains, crucial for surface water management and reducing soil erosion.
  • Infrastructure Sustainability: Efficiently removed 5 beaver dams, contributing to the enhanced functionality and reliability of the drainage system.

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