CGA provided survey, design and construction services for three phases of the Grinnell Area Recreation Trail system spanning from the City of Grinnell west to Rock Creek State Park. All three projects followed the IDOT’s Project Development Schedule and contained federal funds.

Phase I of the Rock Creek Trail is an eight-foot-wide shared use path, separate from vehicular traffic, constructed of 6” thick asphalt. The trail runs along the south side of County Road F-27 from Sunset Street to the Poweshiek/Jasper County line for a total of 1.5 miles. The project featured multiple culvert extensions and acquiring a temporary easement for grading purposes.

Phase II of the Rock Creek Trail extended Phase I further west through Jasper County and completed the link between the City of Grinnell and Rock Creek State Park. Again, the trail was constructed as an 8′ wide, 6” thick asphalt trail located in the public right of way, separate from vehicular traffic. The 4.5 mile extension continues west on the south side of County Road F-27, turns north on the east side of County Highway T-38, and then continues west on the south side of F-27 to end on the east edge of Rock Creek Lake.

A major bridge structure over Sugar Creek was constructed by Jasper County as in-kind
work and coordinated with the remainder of the project. The trail alignment required multiple culvert extensions including box culvert work and the placement of safety rails. CGA administered design and construction for this project.

Years later, CGA worked with the City of Grinnell on the design and construction of 0.31 miles of trail to connect the existing system to a parking lot to serve as a trailhead. The 10′ wide concrete trail was 5” thick and placed within the city’s right of way along Sunset Street. The project was coordinated with the Grinnell/ Newberg School district during their high school expansion project and was fully administered by CGA.