CGA partnered with ASG and Confluence Landscape Architects to redesign the exterior facilities on the Grinnell College Campus.

The Phase I design began in 2016 with construction beginning in 2017 and scheduled to continue through 2019 in conjunction with a new Admissions and Visitors Center and a 1-acre building addition connecting two historic buildings on campus.

Plans include a new pervious paver parking lot, sidewalks, city street improvements, pedestrian crossings, multiple bioretention cells, storm sewer including pedestrian trench drains, snowmelt systems, plazas, seating, outdoor classrooms, covered bike storage, pedestrian and vehicular lighting, pedestrian ramps, improved building staircases and ramping, landscape plantings, and underground utility services and relocations. CGA has completed final layout and grading of all improvements completed on site to date.

Project Overview

Campus Topographic Survey
Pervious Paver Parking Lot
Traditional Pavement Parking Lots
City Sidewalks
Campus Sidewalks
Pervious Paver Plaza
Granite Pavers
Bioretention Cells
Snowmelt Systems
Outdoor Classroom
Outdoor Seating & Hammocks
Landscape Plantings
Covered Bike Shelters
Storm Water Management
Storm Sewer & Subdrainage