Due to the untimely occurrence of spring flooding and ice flows, the Historic Swinging Bridge of Story City’s South Park was impacted with large pieces of ice, doing a vast amount of damage to the structure.  CGA assisted the city in doing a structural analysis of the bridge to determine the scope of the damage, and what could be saved to preserve the staple of history in the heart of the town.  During this analysis, CGA identified what pieces were able to be kept, what insurance reimbursements were appropriate, and the scope of repair costs.

After approval from the City, CGA conducted a design phase for the new structure and assisted in finding contractors for the submittal of competitive bids for the upcoming work.  During construction, CGA was on-site to provide documentation and expertise to ensure the quality and effectiveness of construction.  CGA is proud to have been a part of keeping this piece of history alive in the heart of Iowa and Story City.