CGA is currently working with the City of Conrad to develop a 20-acre piece of land for a mix of 50 lots consisting of single-family residential and multi-family/duplex homes. The development is bond-funded and CGA has completed the initial boundary survey, topo survey, infrastructure design, and are currently assisting the City during the construction phase performing construction observation, construction staking, materials testing on-site, and managing pay estimates. During construction, there has been a large emphasis on managing stormwater as the City also has requested an integration of stormwater management to alleviate a history of overcharging the downstream storm sewer which results in overland flow and flooding of existing basements in nearby neighborhoods. Two detention ponds were designed to accept stormwater from the proposed storm sewer system and drainage ditches, detain the runoff during large rain events and release it back into the existing storm sewer system at a lower rate than it would have previously been released prior to the project. CGA has also been heavily involved in assisting the City with the lot marketing process as well as assisting the City’s Development Corporation in creating marketing brochures/exhibits, interviewing and obtaining a realtor, and creating general promotional material for the new subdivision.

The construction plans were approved in January and the project was publicly bid in February. The preliminary plat for the subdivision was approved this past winter in 2019 and the final plat is planned to be approved at City Council in late October when the project should be nearing substantial completion. CGA will also be handling the platting process and setting property pins for when the City is ready to begin creating abstracts for the new lots.