The July 2018 Marshalltown tornado destroyed Lennox’s administration and north manufacturing buildings. During the rebuilding process, Lennox took the opportunity to make parking lot enhancements, ADA compliance upgrades, and enhance the walkability around the site, including more sidewalks and paths. They also did a site-wide facility analysis on how trucks flow through the site, how pedestrians walk from parking to the building, and how other vehicular traffic operates.

As of 2022, Lennox is heavy into the rebuild which includes the reconstruction of six parking lots. CGA conducted a topographic survey/boundary survey, performed the design, and is currently providing construction administration services including admin, materials testing, on-site observation, documentation, and coordination with contractors. CGA also completed a full storm sewer upgrade around the new buildings, adding additional storm sewer inlets, upsizing pipes, and reconstructing main lines to the outlet.

The project team includes Samuels Group (Lennox on-site field representative), Hay Construction (prime contractor), and Construct Inc. (site work). Hay and Construct both are local contractors that are located just down the street from Lennox. This project has been in the works for multiple years and probably will continue into 2023.

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