CGA provided project management for a private commercial development planned for an undeveloped area consisting of open farm fields in Cedar Falls. In planning and design for the 50-acre commercial development, the City requested that the area is accommodating to all future development within the watershed.

In total, CGA studied 105-acres and developed a comprehensive stormwater management plan for the watershed.

The development would impact jurisdictional wetlands and waters of the US; therefore, the project also included a wetland mitigation report and construction drawings for a wetland mitigation site.

CGA was responsible for design, permitting, preparation of construction documents, estimating project quantities for use in construction bid letting, and negotiations between Menards and the developer for a site development agreement. CGA has been repeatedly hired to complete Menard’s development projects throughout eight Iowa communities.

This project included working with the NRCS codes: Grassed Waterway (NRCS 12), Basin, Water and Sediment Control (NRCS 638) and Wetland Creation (NRCS 658).

CGA has also designed a full Menard’s Site and Manufacturing & Distribution Center in Marshalltown, IA and we’ve also done civil engineering projects for Menard’s sites in Clive, Dubuque and Mason City!