New Multiplex Condos at Pinnacle Ridge in Cedar Falls

LGC Homes Lot 1, Pinnacle Ridge First, Cedar Falls

CGA partnered with LGC Companies on the Pinnacle Ridge First addition in Cedar Falls. The process to construct this multi-family 3-Plex included a thorough Boundary and Topo Survey, creating an accurate representation of the land. This was followed by the development of a Landscape Plan and Site Design.


Boundary & Topographic Survey & Site Analysis: Conducted a comprehensive site analysis to understand the topography, drainage patterns, and other vital site characteristics essential for the construction plans.

Zoning Compliance: Worked diligently to ensure that the multi-family 3-Plex design complied with Cedar Falls’ zoning regulations.

Subdivision Covenant Adherence: Engaged in meticulous planning to ensure the development complied with subdivision covenants, preserving the integrity and value of the wider community.

Infrastructure Planning: Planned the essential utilities and infrastructure, including water, sewer, utilities, and road access.

Stakeholder Collaboration: Fostered open lines of communication with local authorities, contractors, and other stakeholders to ensure a streamlined construction process.