Testing & Lab

Construction Phase Services are a large component of our business.  We maintain a core group of trained and certified testing technicians and construction representatives that will check compliance of the project with the plans and specifications, record and document the contractor’s activities, prepare related reports, and serve as the Project Engineer’s liaison with the contractor.

Before any construction
activity starts…

CGA will prepare a Construction Management Program (CMP).  This program will identify the individuals and testing laboratories to be involved, provide certificates of accreditation, qualifications and provide a listing of tests and procedures to be followed.


Testing services are divided into three general categories-laboratory, field, and manufactured materials.  Laboratory testing will be accomplished by a trained CGA technician with proper accreditation to satisfy the authoritative body’s requirements.  Field testing will be accomplished by the resident observer and will include various field quality tests along with the collection of samples for laboratory testing.  Manufactured materials such as joint sealer and pavement reinforcing materials will be accepted based on the vendor’s certification that the materials meet specifications.

Did you know?

CGA invests in staff training each winter to maintain Iowa DOT certifications, attendance at paving seminars, general construction observation practices, stormwater erosion practices, and various other seminars.

CGA maintains a material testing lab with the following equipment to handle testing on soil compaction and portland cement concrete:

  • PCC air content
  • PCC slump cones
  • PCC strength testing
  • Field nuclear density testers
  • Equipment for standard proctor density determinations
  • Various levels, measuring devices, digital cameras, etc.