CGA completed 12 new tennis courts and three pickleball courts at Marshalltown High School. This joint Marshalltown Community School District/City of Marshalltown facility replaced the original eight asphalt courts and added a new entry feature, restrooms, storage structure, lighting, west parking lot, and stair connection to the existing MHS east parking lot.

The project received funding from the United States Tennis Association, Martha Ellen Tye Foundation, City of Marshalltown, Marshalltown Community School District, and many individual donations.  It was spearheaded by the Superintendent, Theron Schute, due to his family’s love of the sport.  FEH was the architect and Garling Construction was the primary contractor.

CGA design team:

  • Mindy Bryngelson, PM
  • John Adams/Mack Mattke, Design Engineers
  • Rob Anderson, Civil Tech

The Marshalltown CGA Survey Team completed Construction Staking

The biggest hurdle on this project was the schedule. We got the notice to proceed in October 2019 and had construction documents, including four major site alternates, completed in December for a January 2020 bid.  The schedule forced the USTA design review to occur during construction, so the CGA team had to hustle to make design adjustments ahead of the contractor’s install. COVID-19 shut-downs actually helped the project schedule as the original staging required the facility to remain open during construction to support the tennis season.  The cancelation of high school tennis allowed the project to be completed in one phase, saving the owner tens of thousands of dollars.


Photos provided by the Marshalltown Area Chamber of Commerce and used with permission.