The Clear Creek Watershed Project includes activities in the upper watershed to reduce flooding and improve water quality, as well as infrastructure projects in the city of Coralville. Visit this link for more information about this watershed:

The Iowa Watershed Approach (IWA) is a vision for Iowa’s future that voluntarily engages stakeholders throughout the watershed to achieve common goals while moving toward a more resilient state. Learn more about the Iowa Watershed Approach here:

CGA’s team of professional engineers teamed up with the Clear Creek Watershed Coalition to improve water quality and reduce erosion throughout Iowa and Johnson counties. Best practices were implemented to temporarily store and filter water during larger rain events. CGA worked with landowners to identify practices that allowed them to use and enjoy their property while being good stewards of the land. The project took four years and implemented nine water practices:

  • Water and Sediment Control Structures (WASCOB)
  • Ponds
  • Grassed Waterways
  • Floodplain Restorations
  • Rock Chutes
  • Grade Stabilizations
  • Wetlands
  • Riffles
  • Perennial Cover

Click the image below for a downloadable PDF that recaps the entire project.